Unfamous **

UNFAMOUS an urban clothing that brings together elements of "fixed gear" and tattoo designs into its urban creations. Coming up soon !! for more info :- unfamous.info@gmail.com

xx **

this is a nice song !! check out more the xx


Its all gone PETE TONG **

i miss this movie very much !! watched once before.. where i can get this dvd ???

Capture **

wat do u prefer ?? black and white or colour ?? B&W life is better !! there is only 2colours.. easy to handle...


Gift **

Yesterday i recived a tee from my mate Fooi @ mnrchii .. its glow in the dark printed !! nice printing bro !! sent u an UNFAMOUS tee when it out ... appriciate it ... thanks

check out their collection @ mnrchii

Oldies **

althought its an old song !! but yet its stil the best !! it make me got mood wanna sing k tonite !! haha


Incoming **

a souvenir from my bro vsvm huan !! a fixed gear tee from US AND THEM @ thailand...nice printing.. the best is i can refresh my brain and get some idea from here too .. haha thanks bro !! appriciated it...


You & Me **

Cause it's you and me and all of the people with nothing to do
Nothing to lose
And it's you and me and all of the people
And I don't know why, I can't keep my eyes off of you


althought its a tired, but am happy to meet u guys ya !! hope to see u soon ya guys !!!


In Memory Of Phil Wood

Phil Wood, inventor of the first sealed bearing bicycle hub has passed away today on his farm in Baxter, Iowa, at the age of 84.


It Arrived **

after so long waiting, it finally arrived.. thanks to miss chin...


In Frame **

this is the 1st time both of them can be taken together in a frame... hope it wil never change.. always in a frame.. forever.. i treasure i treasure.. ( words taken from JD chang)

Sunshine **

a day in pavilion !! hot hot hot... girls make up gonna melt in this hot weather and ella can be their umbrellas.. hahaha.. kuala lumpur sunshine baby...


Present **

When i listen to this song, ur the 1 in my mind.. Everyday when im awake, i wanna know what ru doing over there, have u taken your brunch ??? how ru feeeling today ???... if i could turn back time.. i wil do it better more.. i wil do it 110 %... i hope it is never been late for me and for u to start it all over again !! ur my dream girL..


Supreme - Spring/Summer 2010 Release | Video

Supreme Spring 2010 from 12ozprophet on Vimeo.

Bel & Bel - Vespa Seat

Vespa is a scooter that has achieved cult status amongst fans and design world for its iconic design. It has been enjoyed by people around the world for many decades and now it has been turned into a designed custom chair by Spanish Bel & Bel. Vespa Seat is made by the original Vespa Piaggio Scooter front end. The chair is ergonomic and comfortable with its leather upholstery in various colors complimenting the front end. Sitting upon the strong internal structure with hydraulic piston that enables height adjustment. Each chair weighs approximately 32kg and occupies 70cm wide and 120cm high.

Concert **

Tickets to her concert are priced at
1- RM100, RM160, RM220, RM300 and RM410 for the March 19 show.
2- RM110, RM180, RM250, RM350 and RM480 for the March 20 show.


Remember **

Boundlezz x Unless 3rd Anniversary Silver Crash Denim

In conjunction with BOUNDLEZZ's THIRD anniversary, we are releasing out a one time limited edition..
Silver crash denim
It is a cross with Hong Kong's UNLESS, who's also celebrating their third anniversary.

Only 100 pieces made.
Only 50 pieces available at our store
While the remaining is being sold at 7 HALF STORE, Hong Kong.


To celebrate our THIRD year bringing you hype and more than hype items and apparels,
We are running this limited time promotion:



Humans **

How many of your friends that really know's u very very weLL ?? or they jz a bunch of morons that know how to talk behind your back ?? or due to economy crisis human change to become more realistic ?? that is why stories always created or refreshing ppl HISTORY...

I have no idea why there's so many people love to talk about my past or should say my history. Can't you guys just go and get a life by doing something meaningful instead of being a story teller telling people about my story that created by you guys ?? is it this is part of your job ??

Everyone have 24 hours per day, i bet you all curious about how i make use of my life. but what i can tell is, i fully make use of my life and i'm satisfied with such a wonderful life.. An idioms that suit for you all..CURIOSITY KILLS A CAT..


Life **

Life, how many ppl know how their life can will be ??? some ppls they never appriciated their life, taking drugs, hanging around doin nth.. but some ppls spend almost half of their life to have a better 1... My life is WORST(desprate to get LORDTOWN WORSTS BOYS tee).. I stop my study when i was 17's.. on that time my mum is very fucking pissed off, due she put every hope on the only son she have... but her son dissapointed her by telling her, mummy i dont want go to school anymore, i hate studies and i want start work.. She asked, WHAT CAN U DO IF U DIDNT FINISH YOUR STUDIES ??? without thinking i answered her that i will go to WORK...

Now im 26's years old.. and my balls is still DANGLING around.. U ask me wat is my future ?? i really cant answer u right now, but i promise i will work hard from today onwards.. i wont jz sit here and wait for money to drop down from the fucking sky... i will fight for it, to prove to u and myself that i have changed and to make u have a better life in the future...... NEVER GIVE UP ...


2nd D **

2nd day, stil blur.. everything stil the same, meet up jd, howard and emoniel at old town.. everyone seem have their on problems.. im goin to have a heart tattoo on my chest and coloured it into BLACK... yeah, its a black heart.. because i never appriciate LOVE in my whole life and now i can felt it...let press the reset button and start it all over again yeah..


1st D **

imagine the world without you beside, it was nothing.. all blank like a muthafucka desert.. there is no ending infront or back of it...just sands and a hot sun right above of my fucking head.. waiting for me to die..

My Love Horoscope

You are going to feel things intensify and deepen at your closest emotional levels when it comes to romance today, Aquarius, and this will hold true whether you are single or attached. This is a time where you may feel inclined to speak to others about your innermost feelings, your past, and other personal subjects, which builds closeness and trust in your relationships. You are also a sympathetic listener, drawing out others' feelings and personal experiences. You may hear from someone from the past or reach out to someone you have a long history with or who was once very important in your life, so pay attention to any cues the universe may provide in terms of a door left open from your past. Deep significant issues are the focus today with romance, but you want to pay attention to the cues that will put you in the direction you want today....