24Herbs on the move at AMF last night.. releasing their second album, good job ya, at night we went to zouk for after party.. eu sorry to make ya wait wait and wait for the whole night..



Got free tickets from my fren MC BEE, thanks for the tickets.. gonna meet up some frens from HK too.. Let party like a rockstars..


What Good's

Abit weird weird when im wearing this, but its so comfort, material is good... Good and worth i brought it back..




If this is our lifeline, how much time do we still have now ?? do we archived everything before the time come ?? Hope my lifeline wont ended so quick.. imma gonna turn back the time


Hot Weather

Lately the weather is melting everyone up, bringing shade out is a MUST !! and im rockin with my new Ksubi



Nike Air Footscape Woven Chukka Motion 11K ’Leopard’.



If only i could turn back time everything would not be the same anymore



Strangers, again

If you love someone you have to hurt her 1st, because feeling guilty is the best way to maintain a relationship


Olivia Ong-I Do (我愿意)


Boxing day, but i just can only sit and watch due to my leg not yet recover.. Went to have A&W alone, kinda boring day for me, and tonight is the longest night for me...

“A Diamond is Forever”



林俊傑 - 愛笑的眼睛 MV (Ai xiao de yan jing)



Lately alot of things in mind flowing here and there without any directions..I think i need to reformat and upgrade my brain from GB to TB.. And its been awhile that i never brought any stuff for myself.. I think its time to temper myselfzz... Lets shopppp !!
“Diamonds are a girl's best friend”




Leg's injury need to stay at home talk cock sing song.. no fixie's no bball and others extreme sports.. Let be a good good boy stay at home, tonight #zouk is happening with CROOKERS... damn it.. frens tweets and instagram about it.. sad case.. Mr leg u must recover soon so that i can back into action...
"If God wanted us to bend over he'd put diamonds on the floor !!"




Everything need be start all over again... back to the basic august07.. hope the sun stil shine brightly on my side..the soul is placed in the body like a rough DIAMOND, and must be polished, or the luster of it wil never appear..



Rico The Zombie: Exclusive footage from NIGHTLIFE.CA's cover story shoot


Unfamous 1st Anniversary tee !! Coming soon


Sometimes before snapping a picture, what do u have in your mind ?? i love this pic !! it make ppls curious wat is infront of them ?? and the reason is u...


Bathing Ape

I got a new brand to select my ties


The watch has three time-measuring modulations:
Position 1: If you want to savor every second of the passing of time: you can slow down the speed of the watch hands, dividing time by 4, whereby 1 conventional hour is represented as quarter of an hour on the MP-02 Key of Time display.
Position 2: If you want “real” time: select normal hand speed, to retain “standard” time, whereby one conventional hour equates to one hour on the MP-02 Key of Time.
Position 3: If you want time to pass quicker: you can accelerate the hand speed, multiplying time by four, whereby a conventional quarter of an hour is represented as one hour on the MP-02 Key of Time Key of Time display.

Other Key Specifications:
Reference 902.ND.1190.RX
Series of 50 pieces numbered from 01/50 to 50/50