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In Oct 2011, Comme des Garcons will arrive in Kuala Lumpur in the form of its pocket shop, carrying the brand's wardrobe classic must haves. The whole idea of pocket shops evoke a convenience-store-like feel, with shelves piled high and thick with produce.

Every of the brand's pocket shop is designed to integrae naturally into its surroundings, and to provide eveyday accesss to Comme des Garcon's ranges of wallets, apparel(PLAY), and other small items.

The first international Comme des Garcons pocket shop opened in 2008 in two distinctive Paris neighborhoods, Montmarte and Marais. Malayia will be opening its 321sgft shop at 3rd Floor Pavilion Kuala Lumper in October 2011.


Lexus LFA

2012 Lexus LFA not as a supercar, but as a narcotic, because of its intent to affect the structure and function of the human body. With only 500 available worldwide, this gives a new meaning to the term, “designer drug.” With a race-bred, 4.8-liter v10 under the hood it’d be apt to describe the sensation of driving this vehicle as euphoria inducing. It is nearly identical in length to a Porsche 911 and Chevrolet Corvette, but lower and wider than both. With 552 horses, Lexus claims its LFA will rocket to 60 mph in 3.6 seconds towards a top speed of 202 mph. If your pockets are deep enough and the habit is too hard to kick, the LFA retails for $375,000 USD.



Overheard that in CHINA alot ppls have make the pirated iphone5 casings out for the upcoming but too bad at the end apple gonna launch iphone4s instead of ip5. So we can still stick to our plans.. Phewss

Oct PickUps 1

Vans x Carhartt
Dickies x Beams


CopyCat Box Tee by UNFAMOUS

CopyCat Box Tee by UNFAMOUS
For more information get us on FACEBOOK or Email us at :-

Scott Campbell “All That’s Gold Does Not Glitter” Video

All That's Gold Does Not Glitter from Alessandro Simonetti on Vimeo.


Continuing its on-going collaboration, Daft Punk and Coca-Cola align for another limited edition project. This time around, the techno duo and beverage giant produce a set of limited bottles featuring distinguished 925 silver and 18k gold logo branding, along with “Daft Punk” custom caps. The helmet-inspired bottles and packaging was designed by Daft Punk, with only 20 sets being offered worldwide.



We finally box it out.. named it COPYCAT Boxtee check it out at UNFAMOUS


Adam Levine in Milan/Paris Men's Fashion Week 2011.. This is a nice body figure, gonna aim this as my target before coming CNY !! Fingercroxx, gambateh...


Welcome to Chen's Family, Ceaser 2months old beagle is the new member in my house.. Dont let his innocent face cheated you.. He is not that kind...


Secret 2011

3more months its the end of 2011, time ticking very fast yet i haven't achieved anything, hope it got everything done better next year.. Gd night my dirty little secret !!


scott campbell prison tattoo

This video refresh my memories that how i have my 1st tattoo and using this machine to help my friends do tattoo.. Its a great experience for me..



Just havent recovery from the FUJIFILM x100, here come a new one.. Gonna be out end of 2011.. Let wait for it ..

Say Something Nice


Coming up

Upcoming Unfamous new design.. woots



Everyone got their 1st time, so do i.. This is my very 1st time doing this and someone is laughing me non stop about my pose.. imma not bollywood enough.. got abit STONE.. but i gain alot experience.. next time i will do it better !! you better watch out..


A friend of mine always show me some cool stuff, and 1 of his fav is chrome heart.. I found out this is tempting me.. can i bring u home ??

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Finally i have my 1st pair of Nike Woven, it just fit me nicely.. Always scared that i got the wrong size.. i think im gonna wait for the upcoming stuff and rock it together..



Lately im crazy on buying shades..
mummy said : son how many pairs of eyes do u have ??
me : different places different shades ma..
mummy said : then do different places need different GIRLFRIENDS ??
me : opppss !! sorry mum ..


Leopard Pack

fragment design x nsw leopard pack. Three colorways will drop with varying degrees of brashness including white/gray, brown/yellow and pink/purple..



my new AW sunglasses.. for havoc party use only... hahaha


i got my new sunglasses, trying some new design



Another cool kicks from 2big brand team up with this collaborations .. It is on my waiting list.. wohooo ...



wesc and super


unisex WeSC sunglasses by Super
• WeSC sunglasses by Retrosuperfuture
• hand made in Italy
• Zeiss lenses
• certified UVA / UVB protection
• sunglasses pouch
• cleaning microfiber cloth



its all about comfort !! #cheapmonday



It comes in MA-1 Black nylon, MA-1 Green nylon, 3-tone suede, Silver Bullet, Copper Bullet and Solid Black leather all with original AMBUSH® melting buckle.



OneFamous by Unfamous is out now !! Thanks for Support... We love you all



It bring me back to life !!



nice and reasonable price !! interesting



Time flies, so fast it have been a year.. And UF is still standing.. Hope it getting better and better.. releasing 1st Anniversary tee on 15th June 2011



New release on JUNE, tempting me again

Jack Purcell MMJ

After so many year since after high school here im back with purcell design, but this time slightly abit different with a skull add on.. Miss those school days, totally stress free.. LOVE & PEACE




we are planking-ing everywhere, more coming up soon..


I got my new vans, nice color and just fit nicely.. thanks to mr C