WHY **

WHY, its words dat always appear in our life.. everyday, everytime, everywhere... why ?? i also dont know why.. haih....

Holiday **

HOLIDAY, actually how many ppl really planned what they gonna do on their holiday.. and i have planned mine so well... i had a great weekend holiday..


Tattoo **

Tattoo ??? How much u know about it ???

A tattoo is a marking made by inserting indelible ink into the layers of skin to change the pigment for decorative or other reasons. Tattoos on humans are a type of decorative body modification, while tattoos on animals are most commonly used for identification or branding.

* tips b4 getting a tattoo *
-Has the artwork been selected?
-Have you decided on the style of your tattoo?
-Is it in a style your artist can tattoo?
-Have you decided where to place your tattoo?
-If artwork is supplied by you, is it clean and approved by the tattoo artist?
-Do you have art samples (magazines clippings, pictures) to show the artist?
-If the artwork is to be done by the tattoo artist, is (s)he aware of it and prepared for it?
-If the artwork is to be done by the tattoo artist, have you approved the final draft?

-Have you selected an artist or shop?
-Are they known to be reputable?
-Have you browsed through the artist's portfolio?
-Have you settled on a price for the tattoo?
-Have you discussed and been shown their sterilization procedures and equipment?
-Do you feel comfortable around the shop or artist?

-Are you wearing comfortable clothing that's not constricting around the tattoo area?
-Are you rested, taken a shower and eaten a good meal?
-Make sure you do not use alcohol or aspirin based medication.
-Do you have your money to pay the artist?

after so many infomations, are u ready to be INKED ???

Happy Birthday !!

club 129 26th Anniversary... all in one....
ended up like this to my new blackberry !!
happy birthday to my bro + garden neighbour.. invited us to his club 129.. happening party..

Revenge **

U can dumb a girl for any reason but dont dumb because of her body figure an excuses... DIE FAST ... !!!! its a good tips... hahahah...


Latido **

i love this song alot... wit an ipod and laying on my couch.. so enjoy and relaxing.... im lovin it...


Donated **

i always donate my blood due my fren said im skinny and donating blood can make me fat.. dunno i got kena tipu onot.. but its fun and can help ppls... it show dat im a Volunteer Donar.. hell yeah...

im lovin it **

my new bold with Supreme Spring/Summer Collection... i just love it both...
im in love with this jacket.. it coming up real soon on supreme store... gonna grap it while stock last..

Recyeled **

can human life's be RECYCLED ??? i hope it can.. everyone should have a 2nd chance.. so do him !! God u should give him a 2nd chance.. wake him up and make him walk like a MAN.. we never give up on HIM, so do u....


Relaxing Myself

in this 2days i cant even have a good slept, due to my fren is stil havent awake.. but yet i think i stil need to relax myself...


Find Yourself **

i start to love this song, especially Sarah Howells solo.... You'll find yourself, you'll find yourself alone

Malyasia Next Top Model 2010

he is malaysia next top top model !! skyy chun... flying like all the way...

u see him everywhere, everyday, anytime... he is the man of the year...

Weather **

its cny, the weather is killing me softly.. i feel like goin to melt.. so didnt go anywhere.. find a place and have some tea...

its happy to see u.. we onli see each others once or twice a year...i'll see u again next year.. take care ya..

2010 CNY Mood **

here u go with my 4days of holiday.. capture, drink, gamble.. nth special.. a boring cny..


around the CORNER...

due to cny is around the corner, everyone is busy with themself.. and this is what im doin...

cleaning up my macbook, throwing away some rubbish inside.. its a new year and it should have a new refresh too..
while waiting my haircut, try to capture with new settings... trying..
althought it make u have alot of sickness but its da best and the fastest way to release stress...
this is what my mum busy with everywhere... she look tired, everyday...i promise u, i wil spend my $$ wisely...

Alexander McQueen dead at 40

Celebrated British fashion icon and designer to the stars, Alexander McQueen was found dead at his London home on February 11, 2010.

The Star reported that McQueen's communications director Samantha Garrett confirmed the devastating news but refused to comment further out of respect to his family. Already, there have been speculations that McQueen had committed suicide, including Britain’s Sun newspaper putting out a yet-unsubstantiated report that McQueen hanged himself in his luxury apartment.

The son of a taxi driver, Alexander McQueen (whose first name is Lee) was born in 1969 as the youngest of six children. He left school at age 16 but before he turned 30, he had already become one of the most respected fashion designers in the world.

It is recalled that McQueen’s mother, Joyce, died a week ago and the designer’s Twitter posts mirrored how upset he had been.

A notice on his web site reportedly said: “Lee’s family has asked for privacy in order to come to terms with this terrible news and we hope the media will respect this.”

The provocative designer’s death comes just days before the start of the London Fashion Week. McQueen was also reportedly set to unveil his new collection at the Paris Fashion Week on March 9.

On overview of McQueen’s journey to fashion greatness:

After he left school at 16, he was offered an apprenticeship at the traditional Saville Row tailors Anderson and Shephard, then at neighbouring Gieves and Hawkes.

At 20, he was employed by the designer Koji Tatsuno.

A year later, he was working as a design assistant to Romeo Gigli in Milan.

He returned to London in 1994 where he later earned his master's degree in fashion design at Central St. Martins College. His degree collection was famously bought in its entirety by English magazine editor and international style icon, Isabella Blow. McQueen would come to be regarded as her protégé. Blow, whose husband said she suffered from depression, committed suicide in May 2007 by reportedly ingesting the weedkiller Paraquat.

Appointed chief designer at French label Givenchy in October 1996, succeeding John Galliano. Despite feeling “creative constraints,” he worked there until March 2001.

In December 2000, he became the creative director for the luxury brand Gucci, which acquired 51% of his company, Alexander McQueen. This partnership hatched plans for expansion, including flagship stores in London, Milan and New York, as well as the launch of his perfumes Kingdom and, more recently, My Queen.

In 2005, McQueen collaborated with Puma to create a special line of trainers for the shoe brand.

Branching out, McQueen became the first designer to participate in MAC’s new campaign featuring cosmetic releases created by fashion designers. McQueen, as his collection was called, was released in October 2007 reflecting the looks used in his Autumn/Winter collection previewed on the catwalk.

By the end of 2007, Alexander McQueen had boutiques in New York, London, Los Angeles and Milan.

By July 2008, his company’s website launched the Alexander McQueen Internet store where shoppers can purchase ready-to-wear and accessories online.

McQueen was a four-time winner of the British designer of the year award as well as the international designer of the year award from the Council of Fashion Designers of America. He was awarded the CBE in 2003.

SoftLipa Taiwan

i meet him once b4 2years back.. he had the talent... keep it up my man...


EDU Cap Launch **


Start from the Head,
Start with the CAP,
Educated with an Attidue.

available at BOUNDLEZZ (Sg Wang, 2nd floor) from 12th FEB 2010, 2pm

Price : RM119

Chilling Out **

TARC most hype guy in my shop... will-i-am.. hahaah
trash 1 close up..
boat shoe.....
my shoe is bigger then my feet... wtf the shit said so..