Just havent recovery from the FUJIFILM x100, here come a new one.. Gonna be out end of 2011.. Let wait for it ..

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Coming up

Upcoming Unfamous new design.. woots



Everyone got their 1st time, so do i.. This is my very 1st time doing this and someone is laughing me non stop about my pose.. imma not bollywood enough.. got abit STONE.. but i gain alot experience.. next time i will do it better !! you better watch out..


A friend of mine always show me some cool stuff, and 1 of his fav is chrome heart.. I found out this is tempting me.. can i bring u home ??

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Finally i have my 1st pair of Nike Woven, it just fit me nicely.. Always scared that i got the wrong size.. i think im gonna wait for the upcoming stuff and rock it together..



Lately im crazy on buying shades..
mummy said : son how many pairs of eyes do u have ??
me : different places different shades ma..
mummy said : then do different places need different GIRLFRIENDS ??
me : opppss !! sorry mum ..


Leopard Pack

fragment design x nsw leopard pack. Three colorways will drop with varying degrees of brashness including white/gray, brown/yellow and pink/purple..