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coming soon at Boundlezz, and get rockin with it on this coming x-mas !!! happening

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Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF2

The first wave of Micro Four Thirds cameras were scarcely smaller than DSLRs. Panny's new GF2 is certifiably tiny, though it still packs a flash and a tricked-out touchscreen LCD, shoots 1080i video, and can handle Panasonic's interchangeable 3D lens.

The GF2 is 19% smaller than the GF1, though it still sports an on-board flash as well as a new interface centered around its 460,000-dot, 3-inch touchscreen. You'll be able to tap to lock focus on a subject or to snap a shot, as you'd expect, and a new feature called the touch Q-menu lets users create touch shortcuts for the settings they access most.

release date :- jan 2011


dayOFF !!

cha-time taiwan plum tea.. best
when the mr old fred meet mr new perry
unfamous x iny

from JPN to KL

it finally touch down in city, im lovin it.. from japan to kuala lumpur 4th Nov 2010 officially launch.. welcome to kL