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August !!!

The Leo Month !! Alot of fren celb brithday's... Wish all u guys HAPPY BIRTHDAY !! unhappy things throw away.. keep onli happy things ya !!
MAd:- Happy Birthday !! see u tonite !!!
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Cazal x TI$A 951 Sunglasses

Vintage eyewear purveyors Cazal offer a new pair of their popular 951 sunglasses in collaboration format, working up a slick colorway alongside avant garde Japanese streetwear label TI$A. Aside from the new colorway, the shades are paired with a special TI$A belt for added security and style. Retailing for (Approx. $714 USD).
p/s :- im goin to bring u home !!


Release date :- 1st August 2009 Venue :- Ice Cream Store TOKYO, JP


Idiot's Today 300709

Takashi Murakami x Louis Vuitton Putipanda

You’ve seen the preview of this Louis Vuitton x Takashi Murakami Putipanda via VERBAL of the Teryaki Boyz and now we have a closer look at this plush toy that is being released at select retailers in the upcoming weeks. The Murakami x Louis Vuitton Putipanda uses Murakami’s design and color to create two different sized plush items including a larger sized plush toy and a smaller mobile phone charm.

Head Porter - Oreo Series

Head Porter out of Japan has released their newest series of accessories and bags, the Oreo Series, is a mashup of the Black Beauty and Snow White Collection that results in a simple Black and White collection of accessories and bags that resemble Oreo cookies. Included in the Oreo Series is a Wallet, iPod case, and Tote Bag. All three are available now at select Head Porter retailers. via honeyee

Lomography LC-A+ 25th Anniversary Camera

It’s been 25 years since the iconic LOMO LC-A graced the analog world with its colorful, extraordinarily beautiful pictures framed with vignettes. To celebrate this special occasion, Lomography works up a LC-A+ special edition camera to celebrate the 25th Anniversary. This special version boasts a textured skin and the 25th Anniversary badge on its body with features including: the legendary Minitar 1 lens, multi-exposure switch andmultiple accessory capabilities, all packaged in a commemorative wooden box. Available now through the Lomography online store.


all design selling at RM 269


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adidas Originals by Originals Kazuki 2009 Fall/Winter 80s Campus

The adidas Originals by Originals 2009 fall/winter collection has begun to filter into select O by O accounts. One of the more apparent designs out of Kazuki Kuraishi’s footwear capsule is this leopard print 80s Campus. The classic Campus combines a safari-theme with some slight technical additions.

DISCOVERED - Patch Work’s Shirt
Ironically and surprisingly, no one does American workwear like the Japanese– keep in mind the likes of Daiki Suzuki from Woolrich Woolen Mills. Perhaps it is the cultural discrepancy that allows one to push the envelop of something traditionally blue collar and rural. Whatever the reason is, we uncovered a great new take on plaid from Japan’s DISCOVERED. The label reworks three kinds of plaid in a patchwork onto a button down shirt. The result is good, standout different yet not flamboyant, which is easily the disastrous bastard child of playing around with patchwork fire.

VC1 Cufflinks by VOID Watches

Intrigued by the thought of making a beautiful object using industrial machinery, Swedish designer David Ericsson designed a pair of cufflinks that can be considered the machine operators’ and the wearers’ best friend. Every detail and angle is not only carefully proportioned, but also made to fit the machine and the tools by which they are made. The cufflinks are produced by a CNC lathe and made in 100% recyclable aluminum that is anodized for a strong long lasting finish. Available colors include: black, gold and silver, all of which will be sold exclusively through kapok Hong Kong for a months time.

Ferrari 458 Italia

Ferrari 458 Italia – Technical specifications

Length 4527 mm (178.2 in.)

Width 1937 mm (76.3 in.)

Height 1213 mm (47.8 in.)

Wheelbase 2650 mm (104.3 in.)

Dry weight 1380 kg (3042 lbs)*

Weight/power ratio 2,42 kg/CV (7.16 lbs/kW)

Weight distribution fr/r 42%/58%

Type V8 – 90°

Displacement 4499 cc (274.5 cu in.)

Maximum power 570 CV (425 kW)** @ 9000 rpm

Maximum torque 540 Nm (398 lbs/ft) @ 6000 rpm

Specific power output 127 CV/l

Compression ratio 12.5:1

Front 235/35 ZR20 8.5″

Rear 295/35 ZR20 10.5″

Maximum speed >325 km/h (>202 mph)

0-100 km/h

Fuel consumption + emissions
Fuel consumption*** 13.7 l/100 km

Emissions*** 320 g CO2/km

Dual-clutch, 7-speed F1

E-Diff3, F1-Trac, high-performance ABS

* With forged wheels and Racing seats

** Including 5 CV of ram effect

*** Combined cycle (ECE+EUDC)

Gatorade - Michael Jordan That’s G - Art Bottle Commercial

Gatorade Michael Jordan “That’s G” Art Bottle commercial for you when it was being filmed at a secret location in Chicago, Illinois and now we have a preview of the commercial that will officially air this upcoming Sunday. Using over 14,000 Gatorade Limited Edition Jordan series bottles, Gatorade pieced together this mosaic to re-create one of MJ’s greatest G moments.

Nike Sportswear X LIVESTRONG X Busy P - Air Force 1
After the successful releases of Nike Sportswear X LIVESTRONG X Mister Cartoon- Air Force 1 and Nike Sportswear X LIVESTRONG X FUTURA- FLOM Dunk Hi, the next collaboration artist for the Nike Sportswear X Livestrong series is Busy P, the ex-manager of Daft Punk.