A busy sunday but we all have a great fun !! My bro bigday, offcially become husband and wife.. Congratulation & Happy for them.. Wish ya both all the best in the future..


Ring The Bell

Attending wedding dinner tomorrow !! My bro big day, gonna make it happening.. Congratulations to both of u !!


Lately been busy attending alots events and meetings.. My knowledge Level UP once again !! haha.. Although need to wake up early in the morning, but this kind of lifestyle is great.. Im lovin it..


Woven Chukka

Lately there is so many shoes poison me.. argghh.. gonna be a broke month...


Roberu, a leather factory based in Japan, is joining in the effort to bring as much assistance as possible to the disaster in Japan by releasing these handmade “Pray For Japan” wristbands. The unisex oil-dyed, genuine leather bands are adjustable and come in camel and black colors.



Today is it. I have to admit I am a bit excited for the new iPad. Here’s a serious wooden case for the iPad from the BRUDAcase house. Available in cherry and maple, the BRUDAcase offers some serious protection. They remind of classic open lid desks. Beautiful made, they not only protect the iPad but offer some privacy as well.


Among so many series i love this alot.. i have ady listed on my wishlist... im waiting for u ... let me fly.


The longest stay at island, rainy days with non stop beer from morning till night , the sea is not tame at all, waves up to 8ft but it never make us giving up to see what underneath it.. Thanks god we are save here, let pray for japan ..


Save Japan

We are sharing the same ocean when tsunami hit japan !! but im save on the other side, ppls are crying and searching for their loves 1..god pls save JAPAN ...



Playboy x Supreme


Aesop, it not only for humans but now they come with shampoo for dog !! intresting..and seem good for my dog.. Gonna grab 1 for him


visvim Tekke Skagway Hi “Carpet”



Due to some technical problem, my old account on facebook have been removed.. I have lose alot of important records inside.. thanks to FB.. now i need redo everything.. WOOOSAHHH !! add me here IVAN CHEN


iPad 2 - Smart Cover


i think this is what im been waiting for after so many series is out


A supercar that boasts a gorgeous exterior with an even more impressive package beneath the hood. Powered by a 6.5-liter V12 engine, the automobile is connected to a Graziano ISR 7-speed automatic transmission and a Haldex all-wheel drive system that enables the car to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.9 seconds, and hit a top speed of 350 km/h (217 mph).


THE TWINSMATIC - Hot'N'Fun (Remix)

Metal Gear for ip4

the classic camera design motif, which includes 15 color variations in leather
via :- Hayabusa