Toy Story 3 Teaser Trailer (HD)

Movies Summer 2009 !!

Star Trek
Terminator Salvation
Transformer - Revenge Of The Fallen
G.I Joe - The Rise Of Cobra

This is all da hot movies for dis summer, but too bad til now i havent watch any of them.. kinda busy lately ... anyone wanna watch wit me ??


LOUIS VUITTON /underground/

Louis Vuitton’s newest venture in Japan is the opening of their LOUIS VUITTON /underground/ store located in the Seibu department store in Ikebukuro. LOUIS VUITTON /underground/ is a concept store and will only be running for a limited period of time. To celebrate the opening, Louis Vuitton invited American rapper Kool Keith for a performance last night.

The store will open starting May 30th so if you’re in Japan, definitely check it out.



Lacoste will launch the limited-edition footwear capsule collection designed in collaboration with Zaha Hadid Architects in July 2009. The project was initially previewed in October 2008 during the Frieze Art Fair in London, and the cutting edge ‘work in progress’ exhibited there has now become a final design prototype poised for production. Thinking so far outside the (shoe) box, the heads at Zaha Hadid have created a structural marvel that encompasses a multitude of technical tweaks (read below) representing a quirky construction, which could only be assembled by the astute minds of a gaggle of architects!


The Zaha Hadid for Lacoste footwear collaboration began with a digitized interpretation of the iconic crocodile logo. Hadid’s research team then used this as a basis to explore a series of surfaces with repeated patterns. ‘The design expression behind the collaboration with Lacoste footwear allows the evolution of dynamic fluid grids,’ explains Hadid. ‘When wrapped around the shape of a foot, these expand and contract to negotiate and adapt to the body ergonomically. In doing so a landscape emerges, undulating and radiating as it merges seamlessly with the body.’

To achieve this tactile landscape effect, Zaha’s team designed a series of metal plates depicting the desired wave pattern. These plates were subsequently utilised to apply a combination of heat embossing and debossing techniques to the calf leather, thus rendering the topography in relief. The effect is visible on the uppers, curving around the top of the toe, and on the exterior fascia of each shoe. A similar pattern is replicated on the sole of the shoe, crafted of moulded rubber, which is designed to reflect points at which the foot naturally exerts pressure. The heel itself is the minimum depth possible in footwear construction, emphasising the slender and streamlined profile of the design.

The shoes also feature the unique Zaha Hadid for Lacoste logo, visibly wrapped around the side of the heel and on the in-sock. The sleek and sophisticated black box which packages the product also bears an embossed version of the same logo. The shoes are unisex in design; the women’s are available in black and purple, whilst the men’s come in black and navy. A limited-edition boot version of the Zaha Hadid for LACOSTE shoe will be available exclusively at such high-end boutiques as Colette in Paris, Dover Street Market in London and 10 Corso Como in Milan in July 2009 as a preview. The main shoe line will be appearing in stores worldwide from September 2009. This exclusive collaboration will be highlighted in store by a suite of bespoke material designed to compliment and enhance the themes and colours of the project.


Dont Go Away !!

Looking to your eyes
There’s nothing to hide
And you’re no longer mine
How could I survive, when you say goodbye
Why do birds still fly apart?

Can’t stop the tears from falling
We used to be so fine
And you walk in to my life
I’ll try to reach out for you
Just to be with you
My heart is breaking

Don’t, don’t go away
Baby don’t you know I miss you so
Don’t, don’t go away
I’ve never been on my own before

Can you hear me just take me with you
So don’t, don’t go away

Don’t, don’t go away
Baby don’t you know I miss you so
Don’t, don’t go away
I’ve never been on my own before
So want you try to feel my heart beat once more


Vans Vault Hi Fi LX

Fall ‘09 is just around the corner, and Vans Vault is bringing us a new high top style. For Fall Vault is hitting us with the Hi Fi LX. Vans basically took a Sk8 Hi, and stretched it out so that the top would reach your shins. The shoe will come in a black pony hair, a zebra pattern and a gold colorway. The shoe has regular eyelets throughout the bottom of the shoe, but once it reaches the top, the hooks are similar to those of hiking boots. These will be dropping around August/September so make sure to mark your calendars.


My Sexy Tight

3hours of lining !!! thanks to my sensei ...
do u guys noe wat is dis ??

My New Levi's LVC

My new jeans !! all da way from JAPAN !!!


Birthday NIGHTMARE !!!

everything get started when 3 glasses of flaming lamborghin serve !!
becoming HO SIN KU !!
u cant see my eye balls !!! hahahha
blek !! blek !! blek !!
romeo really die jor ~~

Celebrating MU win da title !! ...........

she love me ?? she love me not ?? arghhhh...

p/s... romeo must die party !! he really die at the end !! scary ...


Say Bye Bye to Grandpa

final respect !!
accompany grandpa for da last time !!
far far away !!
grandpa new home !! nice feng shui !!
chinese trad , burning house... gadgets.. car and maids !!
grandpa S Class !!

roadtax !! wit expired date !!
ready to burn !!!

i was 3days away due my grandpa passed away !! rushing back to Seremban... dis time idiot really in a VILLAGE !! no internet connection !!! and HOT !!!


Blood Donation !!!

volunteer donor !!! yes im ... muahahahah
villageidiot stoner !!!
filling up damn slow !!!


tomoro is romeo birthday !! http://i-am-fxi.blogspot.com/ make a wish and blow ya !!